Welcome to Pielavesi

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Welcome to Pielavesi 

It is easy to come to Pielavesi from any direction. The Blue Road (main road 77), highways 4 and 5 are the main routes to the municipality. The city of Kuopio and its airport are an hour’s drive away.

The principle aim of Pielavesi is the creation of a pleasant and vivid place to live with a high level of services and excellent opportunities for entrepreneurship. 

I welcome you to our municipality, which prides itself on a unique environment. Our newly revived optimism is reflected in our economic progress, increasing investments and improving employment.


Our future challenge is that there are more people moving into the muncipality than leaving it.

Anu Lehto

municipal manager

Clean nature, beautiful lake scenes and a high standard of services create an additional value to this area, a value difficult to measure in money terms. New residential areas are being built on good locations, and building sites including valuable sites by the shoreline are available for sale.
Pielavesi offers an ideal ground for bringing up a family. Public as well as private services are of high quality and well available. The municipality aims to bring workers and entrepreneurs together by arranging specified training with the financial aid from the EU Objective 1 programme. Many culture lovers and sports enthusiasts also find Pielavesi a perfect place to spend their free time.
Pielavesi provides excellent opportunities for business life. Our active economic policy creates concrete preconditions for production.

Pielavesi will lure you in! The clearest indication of our charm is the great number of summer residents and tourists in the area. Clean abundant bodies of water rich in fish, magnificent scenery and good services have persuaded thousands of people to choose Pielavesi as their summer place to be. But there is still plenty of space and shoreline to newcomers, as well!

A hundred years ago the president Urho Kekkonen was born in the Lepikon Torppa croft, which is a memorable tourist attraction. A lot of images are associated with president Kekkonen. One of those images is one of dynamism, a trait shared by Pielavesi. We are a municipality that will not surrender to troubles.



The Löytyn Lohi is an ideal destination for an outing for the whole family. Once there, you can catch your own meal direct from the salmon pool. You big, handsome fish is then filleted, salted and smoked for you. It really is a delicious meal! Everyone fishing here is assured of a fine catch!

The river Lampaanjoki is referred to as the Black river of Savo amongst the Finnish sport fishermen. You can fish in this popular, specialist lure fishing area during the summer between 1.5.-9.9. The catch here usually includes trout and grayling.

The Pielavesi harbour is an attractive and genial meeting place for boaters. You can also plan longer trips using the routes through the Finnish lake and river system, and the new canal connections, to southern Finland, the Gulf of Finland, and from there to the Baltic.

The birthplace of the late Finnish President, Urho Kekkonen. Lepikko cottage, in Pielavesi is the birthplace of Urho Kekkonen, born in 1900. It is one of the most interesting historical sites in Finland.

Past treasures are regularly discovered around Pielavesi. Some of the discovered treasures are displayed in the Pielavesi library including a selection of large copper and silver coins.